Free download of Antibanner

ANTIBANNER is an English version of an application that removes spam and advertising, protects from virus ads, makes pages loading faster, saves user’s time and Internet traffic. Antibanner turns into active mode immediately after installation. It does not need any adjusting and is regularly updated.

Program includes 3 basic modules: Antibanner, Antifishing and Parental control.

Antibanner completely removes all advertising from web-pages. It also blocks video commercials, pop-ups, removes advertisements, banners and other things connected to advertising. Filtration is done during the page loading in your browser. It means:
a.) No advertising
b.) Traffic/money is saved
c.) Less time needed for page loading

Antifishing protects you from websites containing malicious code and also from websites of Internet-frauds. The application really reduces probability of getting viruses to your computer. Antibanner uses black lists including millions of dangerous web-resources. Antifishing module processes URL-addresses in real-time mode collating them with website domains in its database. Due to optimization of this process such a check takes fleeting particles of a second only. This function distinguishes Antibanner from its main competitors – Adblock, Adblock Plus and Adblock Pro.

Parental control lets protect children from abusive and obscene content and adult websites providing kids with safe Internet surfing. Parents may stay absolutely calm since their child will not see and pornographic content online. This function is unavailable for other popular advertisement blocking apps like Adblock, Adblock Plus and Adblock Pro.

Anti-tracking – it is a protection of your browser history from strange people. Antibanner does not let advertising networks and counters track your search requests and the websites that you have visited. Frauds will not be able to use this data while without antibanner they may easily get access to complete data about your sex, age and interests.

Advantages of the application:
1. Works with all most popular browsers;
2. It is designed to block all types of advertising;
3. Easy-to use; does background ads blocking;
4. Warns about danger when you go to suspicious websites;
5. Has a module (Adguard assistant) letting you control the app via browser;
6. Out of the box feature. Does not need any adjusting;
7. It is irreplaceable if you use 3G-modem – the app makes page loading much faster and saves a lot of traffic.

Download Antibanner app for free and you will get sure that it is a good helper that is very easy and convenient to deal with. Free download of Antibanner